Monday, 5 December 2016


Sydney Australia.:

Hi to all that take an interest in my blog and am sorry that I have not been on of late as once again my scanner has died..but hope to rectify this very shortly..I have so many cards to scan already !!!

This is a lovely card recently released by OZ post in a series of endangered wildlife.This features the most beautiful "Snow Leopard" with cubs.. a lovely card... They are first day release "Maxi cards" and must say a great my friends know I love wildlife ..

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Wysokie: POLAND :

A recently received card from Poland with some others of various lovely polish towns.. This card shows the serene scenery of  "Kazimierz Dolny" Thank you Norbert for these cards ..they are so nice of these lovely Polish towns.
 Posted Wysokie 25 August : Arrived Sydney 21 November . Traveled 88 days ..long way round..

United States of America.

Phoenix Arizona..
 Love this card !!Thanks Arnold..another great black / white card of an indigenous American Indian..This card shows "Jim" the Apache Medicine man.Thanks for this swap Arnold..will add to favourites.great photo.
Posted Pheonix :06 November : Arrived Sydney 21 November: Traveled 15 days..
 "Jim" The Apache Medicine Man
Jim The Medicine Man holds a medicine skin described by the photographer as "The badge of his profession"The many symbols have significant meanings. ie:Jagged lines ( Lightening ) sometimes symbolized communications between the gods A medicine man sang and fasted over his skin awaiting spiritual messages
Photographer unknown circa 1890. Arizona Historical Society.


Always happy to receive another in this flag card series..This is my German card I like this series of cards with all their information,,Thank you Jenny for swapping this card for me.
Posted 27 October Hannover : Arrived Sydney 15 November : Traveled 19day..Vierlen Danke.. Jenny.

GREETINGS from GERMANY..:" Gruse aus Deutschland.:" Bundesrepublik Deutschland.:
GERMANY : Covers an area357,168 KM2 .and is a member of The European Union.:
POPULATION: of Germany is 81,459,000, The Capital City is Berlin.
UNIQUE : " Coseck Circle" is the oldest sun observatory currently known in Europe 7,000 years ago.
       "Half Timbered Houses"2.5 million . The highest number of any country worldwide.
FAMOUS : "The German Autobahn" The oldest motorway network in the world with no speed limit.
      "Punctuality " Germans are extremely punctual and a few minutes delay can offend .
HISTORY: "The Mauer Mandible" shows that ancient humans werepresent in Germany 600,000years ago.
     "Reunification" The fall of the Berlin Wall in 3rd October 1990 began the evening of the 9th Nov.1989.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Czech Republic


I love to get these Postcrossing meet-up cards from worldwide.. This one is from The springtime meet-up recently held in Brno Czech Republic.on 22 October .. Thank you dear Eliska for always remembering me and sending me a card from these meets..hugs for you..Thanks to all the attendees that signed card  for me..
Arrived Sydney 20 November 2016...Thank you..

United States of America

Universal Studios CALIFORNIA..:

What a great surprise card.." The Hogwarts Express..". Thank you Graham for this card from your recent visit to The Universal Studios in California..Trust all of your trip was a blast..great card thanks..also stamp !!


Zamosc: POLAND.:

This is another of the many cards that I received in an envelope from a fellow Postcrosser in Poland..lovely colurful cards of some different towns.This is a mult-view card from Zamosc...Thank you Norbert for these nice cards that you have sent me..They are of some really lovely looking polish Towns..
Posted POLAND 25 August 2016 : Arrived Sydney 21 November : after Traveling 88 days..