Friday, 21 October 2016

United States of America.

Nashville TENNESEE :

 What a great card showing the famous train from the US Civil War.."The General" This train holds a special place in the history of the US Civil War..Thank you so much for this great card Mel and Boyd..
Posted Nashville TN : 24 September : Arrived Sydney : 20 October : Traveled 26 days. love the stamp/!!
On April 12th 1862 James J Andrews and a band of Union spies stole the locomotive "The General" from under the watchful eyes of guards at nearby camp Mc.Donald while all passengers and crew were eating their breakfast at the Lacy Hotel.This famous  locomotive can be seen at the Southern Museum of The Civil War in Kennesaw Georgia.


Gold Coast Queensland .:

 A most colourful card showing this beautiful "Rainbow Lorikeet" such a prolific bird around my garden always found in Pairs...apparently pair up for life...Are very noisy small parrot that love the flowers in bloom for their nectar.. Thank you  for sending this card on your holiday..

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Sydney : AUSTRALIA.:

Another card that is a first day release "Maxi card" from Oz Post in the "Endangered species " series. This card shows The Western Swamp Tortoise ( Pseudemydura umbrina ) also known as the "Western Swamp water Turtle "who's numbers are extremely endangered and is only found in a few a fresh water short necked Turtle and is the sister "Taxon" of all other members of the sub family chelodininae. Adult males do not exceed a length of  155mm or a weight of 550 grams , females are smaller and not growing beyond 135mm in caraspace length or a weight of 110 gr. hatchlings have a caraspace length of 24-29 mm and weigh between 3.2 and 6.6 gr. .This turtle is the smallest chelid found in Australia..and listed as critically endangered.
 Card released by OZ Post "first day release" Mosman N.S.W. September 20th 2016.
info courtesy of Wikipedia.:


Moscow.: RUSSIA.:

A surprise card from a good friend from a trip recently taken to Sochi and Krosnodon..This card is from Tyance and shows the beauty of the mountains .. Thank you Olga for thinking of me on your trip..Spasiba..
 Posted 26 September : arrived Sydney.: 17 October : Traveled 21 days...lovely card..

Monday, 17 October 2016


Rybinsk : RUSSIA.:

A lovely colourful card today in my mailbox from a fellow Postcrosser in Russia..Card states that the lovely scene is called '"The Sleeping Dragon Mountain" Adygea, National Park Bolshoy..Thank you Elena for this nice card..
Posted 30 September: Arrived Sydney 18 October : Traveled  14,432 kilometers in 18 days

United States of America

Chicago Illinois : USA..
 A black and white card of this amazing looking Native American.. The card shows "Sitting Crow" a member of The Blackfoot Sioux.. A great card Thank you Felice for this unusual card..
 Posted Chicago 24 September.: Arrived Sydney : 17 October : Traveled 24 days. ..Thank you Felice..

Saturday, 15 October 2016


Sydney Australia.:

A lovely card of one of my favourite Aussie marsupials..The great Northern Quoll. This card shows the very rare little animal  This card is a recent release from OZ Post a "first day" release maxi card in the new series "Endangered Species".. A lovely set of cards and also a heart breaker to think these wonderful Animals represented in this series of cards are so near extingtion.
The Northern Quoll : (dasyurus hallucatus ) also known as the Northern native cat , the "satanelus" The North Australian Cat , or the "Njanmak" (in the indigenous mayali language ) and is a carniverous marsupial native to Australia.The Northerm Quoll is the smallest of the four Australian Quoll species.
 Card released in  Mosman  N.S.W. 20 September 2016.