Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Minsk : BELARUS.:

Another magnificent wildlife card...This card is from a fellow Postcrosser in Minsk Belarus..Thank you Maria of this fine card showing this magnificent Lynx..A most lovely large cat and most attractive to see in the wild I we don't have any here...I trust that you up coming holiday in New Zealand is all you wish for .. I know that you wont be dissapointed as it is a most lovely place to visit.
Posted Minsk :31 October : Arrived Sydney 15 November : Traveled 15,140 kilometers in 16 days..Thank you dear Maria..



These are among my most favourite animals. Aren't they just magnificent.!!.The Ariranha  "Giant Otter "..along with Meer Cats  and Lemurs.. Thank you very much for this great card Joao.showing the Giant Otters of The Pantanal in Brasil.. These Giant Otters  ("Pietanura Brasiliensis ") are very rare to find in clear water they usually live in murky waters of the Pantenal and The Amazon.Thanks again for tis PIF card # 30.
Posted Brasil.: 29 September : Arrived Sydney : 07 November : Traveled 39 days..really worth the wait..

United States of America

Hartford : Connecticut.: USA.

 This is a nice card that has arrived from Connecticut  "The Constitution State" The card is a lovely state map card showing all the towns and cities in the state also lots of facts and figures of the states history. Thank you so much Case for this fine card and will add to my "State cards " This was the first place " Hartford "that I visited after arriving in America..great memories here.
 Posted Hartford CT 28 October : Arrived Sydney 13 November : Traveled 16,082 kilometers in 16 days...Thank you..


Godollo : HUNGARY :

A great surprise card  has arrived in the form of this Post Crossing meet up card from my dear Bernadett.. That was held in Godollo Hungary 28 October 2017: Thank you also Bernadett to all those lovely people who signed the card for me..
.Posted Hungary 31 October : Arrived Sydney 13 November: Traveled 13 days:.Thank you Bernadett..

United States of America

Texas : USA.

Thank you Ruby for this another of the Lighthouse cards that you have sent me.. I love know That I do card shows the Land Lighthouse at Erie's End in Erie Pennsylvania.. This was the first lighthouse on all of the Great Lakes. The current lighthouse is the third lighthouse to be constructed on this site and was completed in 1867 and is located at the foot of Lighthouse Street.. Thank you Ruby for this nice card and will add to my collection.
Posted : Texas 07 November : Arrived Sydney 15 November : traveled 8 days..quick trip this one !!


Moscow. : RUSSIA.:

I love postbox is amazing how they can be so different allover the world.. This one is from Russia ..Thank you so much Julia.. I love this card..I am also impressed with you and you have my big admiration for being a doctor and working in a children;s Hospital...take care and hugs for you
 Posted Moscow,: 28 October : Arrived Sydney 14 November : Traveled 14,496 kilometers in 17 days..Thank you..

United States of America

Chicago .: Illinois : USA.

Thank you from this postcrosser  for this card shows a multi view of eateries" in Chicago ..this card specifies "The Pickle Barrel"  Known for its family attitude and good food like Corned beef on rye , Hot Pastrami , and the best hamburgers  southern fried and also BBQ chicken,,and famous for its french fried shrimp..The Picle Barrell1423 N.Wells...Thank you for this card Elanj.
Posted: 29 October : Arrived Sydney : 14 November .Traveled 14,874 kilometers in 16 days.