Tuesday, 23 January 2018

United States of America

Alberquerque : NEW MEXICO ,: USA.

Another lovely card swap from New Mexico with my friend Arnold.  card shows the magnificent Torquoise jewelry that this part of the native Navajo peoples in this American region is famous for..Thank you Arnold.
Posted Albequerque : 03 January : Arrived Sydney:22 January : Traveled 19 days..


Tallinn. : ESTONIA.

This card shows a beautiful scene in Tallinn of The Christmas tree in the Main square of the city "City Hall Square" which is a Unesco World Heritage Site..This is truly a beautiful city and as anyone who has visited it will agree..I surely loved my time there and would return given the chance.. This is a PIF card # 40 sent by a fellow card member Patrick ..Thank you for this lovely cards and also thye "Year of the Monkey " stamp..as I collect these Chinese Zodiac stamps and cards/.Thanks again
Posted Laagri. Estonia. :03 January : Arrived Sydney 21 January : Traveled 18 days..Thanks Patrick..

United States of America

New Mexico.: USA.

A lovely colourful card showing this "Indian Chief" no written info..but a lovely card of this noble man in his lovely colourful head dress..Thank you Arnold for this swap card.
Posted Albuquerque :07 January: Arrived Sydney 21 January : Traveled 18 days.. Thank you..

Sunday, 21 January 2018



Two new released Australian wildlife cards for my SWAP CARDS..

   LEFT : Eastern Grey female with joey.:          RIGHT : Red Kangaroo at waterhole.


Culburra : NSW..AUSTRALIA.:

A great scene on this card to arrive here on such a very hot summers day @ 41 degrees.C...too hot for me but looking at the card ...definately the place to be today.. This is such a lovely part of the New South Wales South coast with beaches everywhere to enjoy when the weather is so hot..Thank you again Heather for this nice card from your recent trip..
Posted  Culburra 15 January : Arrived Sydney 18 January. Traveled 3 days..

United States of America

Alberquerque : NEW MEXICO..: USA.

A surprise card from a good friend..showing a very colourful multi view of native Americans in New Mexico..always just so colourful their amazing dress. Thank you Arnold for this nice card..
Posted Alberquerque : 05 January : Arrived Sydney 17 January: Traveled 12 days...Thanks Arnold.


Berry : N.S.W.  AUSTRALIA.:

A lovely multi view card from this really lovely town in the southern highlands of N.S.W..,showing the some scenes of this old and historic town..Thank you Heather for this nice card from your recent visit there..
Posted : Berry 15 January: Arrived Sydney 17 January.: Traveled 2 days.. Thank you Heather..