Thursday, 20 July 2017


Puerto Vallarta.: MEXICO.:

 Thank you once again Stafford and Sherry for this card another from your cruise..thanks so much for remembering me..This card from Peuerto Vallarta ..looks another enjoyable stopover from your trip..
Posted 22 April Puerto Vallarta : Arrived Sydney 20 July: Traveled 90 days.. thanks again mate.

United States of America

Washington DC ..USA.
What a great card and another surprise from the Lovely Melissa...hank you so much for this great card ..I am sure this must be a new Monument as I never saw this in the time I spent in DC..The card shows the memorial to Franklin Delano Roosevelt . The 32 President of The United States of America,A truly revered President who under difficult conditions steered The United States through the Great Depression of the thirties and through the Second world War . A president remembered today as one of the best..Thanks Mel I love this card and next visit to DC will visit this memorial.

A favourite expression of FDR was " The only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. A man who truly knew the meaning of the word courage. Despite being stricken with polio and paralized from the waist down he emerged a a true leader guiding America through some of its darkest days.This FDR Memorial located in Washington DC honours this man ,  his story , and his beloved dog.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Chiapas.: MEXICO.
Another great card has arrived from your Trip Stafford ..Thank you mate for taking the time to send all these cards ...This card is from the Archaelogical Zone of Tupachula Chiapas Mexico. great card mate ..thanks again ..This looks to be a very exciting place to visit.
Posted Puerto Vallarta.  19 April : Arrived Sydney 19 July :Traveled 91 days. long way around.


Oslo .: NORWAY.:

What a lovely card Norway showing this beautiful "Lomvi "bird I particularly love cards of birds along withany wildlife cards.This is from "The Bird Island " Runde..which is a haven for seabirds to nest..Thank you Tone Nor for this lovely card.
 Posted Runde (see postmark.": Posted 05 July : Arrived Sydney 20 July :Traveled 15 days.Tak Tone..



 A nice surprise just arrived from The Philipppines a PIF card and shows the lovely colourful Tubbataha Reef.. This is I am told a part of the Palawan Province Viasyas group.Thank you Cerdon for this lovely card and beautiful stamps..
The Tubbataha Reef is an atoll Coral Reef located in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines. This is a marine sanctuary protected as The Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park and is nominated in The seven Wonders of The World of Nature.This is a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Posted Peurto Princera City 23 June: Arrived Sydney 20 July: Traveled 27 days..


 What a great scene on this card ...Think I would like to be there right now... Thanks again Stafford for thinking of me on your cruise through the Caribbean...certainly the place to be on this winters day here..also looks like your are enjoying the sunshine and a few cocktails while ashore in this place..
Posted in Peurto Vallarta .19 April : Arrived Sydney 19th July : Traveled 91 days...Thanks mate


 A lovely colourful card of  The High Speed Train 700T..that runs between Taipei and Kaochung in Taiwan .. Than you so much for this swap card .This is a train journey that I would really like to make..
Posted Taipei 03 July : Arrived Sydney 19 July : Traveled 16 days..Xie Xie ..nice card ..