Tuesday, 27 September 2016

United States of America

Bainbridge Island : WASHINGTON STATE.: USA.

A lovely card from this lovely spot in Washington State .. Bainbridge Island a short ferry ride from the city of Seattle...The card shows the ferry and a great view of snow capped Mount Rainier..Thanks Staff and Sherry for this card on your recent travels there...a great spot ..I loved it..!!
Posted Seattle : 17 September : Arrived Sydney 28 September : Traveled 11 days..



Tirana : ALBANIA,:
So glad to finally receive this card ...and another to add to my collection of this series of cards. I really like these as they are great info on the countries concerned and all are posted from their country of origin. Thank you so much Nevila.for sending this exchange card back..
Posted Tirana :19 September 2016 : Arrived Sydney :28 September : Traveled 9 days.

AREA: Albania covers an area of some 28, 748KM2. and is located in Eastern Europe.
CAPITAL CITY : of Albania is Tirana.
POPULATION: The population of Albania is 2,886,026 inhabitants
EMBLEM:The Floral Emblem of Albania is the red Poppy.
NAME.: The Albanian people call their country "SHQIPERI" which translated means "Land of Eagles"
DEFENCE:  Between 1950 to 1985 around 700,000 defence bunkers were built in Albania There are around 24 bunkers for every two kilometers of the country.
TRIBES : Albanians take their roots to Ancient Illyrian Tribes who occupied the western Balkans during the second Millenium BC and the language is derived from Illyrian. A melange of Roman and Slavic influences.
FAMOUS ALBANIANS : are Mother Theresa , Skanderbeg , Lorik Cana , Rita Ora.
HEAD SHAKE: !! The Albanians shake their head in the opposite way. up and down for NO and sideways for YES
HIGHEST :  Mount Korab at 2764 meters is the highest mountain in Albania and the Republic of Macedonia its peak forming a frontier between the two countries..
POSTCROSSING: Their are only 10 Postcrossers in the state of Albania..luck to get a card from here !!!

United States of America.

San Antonio : TEXAS.

Thank you Ruby for all these cards that you have sent me from San Antonio..Thank you for your kindness and thinking of me..The card shows a scene of The historic fort "The Alamo". Texas has seen the rule of six different sovereign flags.Erected in 1718 as a church and then Fortress The Alamo became the symbol of Texan independence. During The Texas -Mexican Independence was in 1836 it was defended and lost to the last Texan. Soon "Rememeber The Alamo " became synonymous with Texas independence.
 Since 1519 six different sovereign flags have flown over Texas.The flags of France , Spain , United States , The Republic of Texas , The Southern Confederacy , and Mexico. Thank you Ruby for these historic cards..



 This is another surprise card that I have just received from a fellow swapper in Pakistan.. A colourful card showing the lovely quiet mountain scene of Lake Saiful Maluk. Located in the Kaghan Valley this is a very popular tourist spot. Thank you Amir for this nice card..
 Posted 10 August 2016 : Arrived Sydney :27 September : Traveled 48 days...


Maryborough VICTORIA.

One in a lovely series of first day issue "maxi " cards depicting historical Australian Railway Stations .Released by Australia Post .These are such a lovely set of postcards.also the postmarks with day of issue


Porto Santo : MADEIRA.

a surprise card once again from my good friend Birgit .. I never know where she will be visiting next and her cards are always a great surprise.. I know she loves the sun and is always on some Island somewhere...love it..!! Thank you so much Birgit for this lovely card from Porto Santo...surely looks like a great holiday spot.

 Porto Santo Island : is a Portuguese Island located 43 kilometers (27 miles ) Northeast of Madeira Island in the North Atlantic Ocean, it is the northernmost and also the most easternmost Island of The Archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean west of Europe and Africa.. Thank you Birgit ...Vierlen Danke..

Monday, 26 September 2016


Taiwan.: R.O C.

 I love black and white cards ..just like in photography..very graphic...This is a great card  just received from a Postcrosser in Taiwan...such a great picture of these two kids..Thank you for this card Anjan..Xie Xie..
Posted: Taiwan :10 September : Arrived Sydney : 27 September : Traveled 17 days..