Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Gravenhagen: NETHERLANDS.:

A nice surprise in my mailbox today from The Netherlands ...from a fellow Postcrosser..Thank you Saskia for this nice card..I love cards of mailboxes as they're so different worlwide..
Posted Gravenhagen : 17 August : Arrived Sydney : 30 August : Traveled 16,687 kilometers in 13 day..



What a lovely colourful card this is showing these folk dancers in Rajasthan India. Rajasthan is a culturally rich and has an extensive tradition in art and culture which reflects its Indian life.The dance music and art forms have been closely and watchfully cultivated
Thank you Pete for this card from your recent travels to Rajasthan and across India.


Parkes N.S.W.

Another fine card in this series of Australian art from a recent "first day release" card.. This wonderful early Australian scene is entitled " Mr Robinsons house on the Derwent " Van Diemens Land ( circ 1878 )  by John Glover from the National Gallery of Australia.  How peaceful this looks !!


Kingston TASMANIA.:

This is another in this lovely photographic series of "first day release " cards from the Australian Antarctic Territory recently released by Australia Post  depicting famous photos take by John Hurley of an expedition to the Territory. This card shows the Icebound bow of the "Endurance" which I am sure for all concerned was a worrying experience.This photograph is from the National Library of Australia.


Kingston TASMANIA,

A wonderful but eerie sight is this photo of an Australian ship during exploration in Australian Antarctica..The photo is called The" Long Long Night" and the shot of the ship was made with twenty various flashlights..certainly puts the ship in a strange light..This card is from a recent a "first day "release by Australia Post from The Australian Antarctic Territory and is a famous photo by the famous photographer  John Hurley..This is courtesy of The Geographical society ( London )

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Parkes NSW..

This is one of a recent series of cards that reproductions of Famous Australian works of Art that are located in the National Art gallery..This particular card is a work of Arthur Stretton  and is titled Land of the Golden Fleece. ( 1926 )

Monday, 29 August 2016



Rio De Janeiro : BRAZIL.
 I have been wanting this card for my collection of "Greetings from " cards for some time and thank you so much Vivianne for this exchange I like to collect this series of cards as they have so much info on each card..
Posted Rio de Janeiro :12 August : Arrived Sydney : 29 August : Traveled 17 days..

Brazil has an area of more than 8,515,767 KM2. A huge country .The Capital City is Basilia.
POPULATION of Brazil is 202, 768,562 inhabitants.
Area. Brasil is the largest Country in The Continent of South America and the fifth largest country by population in the world.
Coffee.: Brazil is famous the world over for its coffee and supplies 25% of the world supply..
RAINFOREST.: The Amazon Rainforrest of which 60% lies within Brazilis producing 20% of the World's oxygen.
FAMOUS BRAZILIANS are :Pele , Paulo Coelho , Gisele Bundchen , Oscar Niemeyer
DRINK : Caipirinha : is a traditional drink which is "Cachaca"(Brazilian Rum ) mixed with Sugar ice and crushed lime.
SPORT : Football is a national sport and Brasil has won The World Cup 5 times more than any other nation.
HIGHEST : Pico Da Neblina at 2994 Metres is the highest point in Brazil . The peaks name " Peak of the Mists " reflects the fact that it is shrouded in dense cloud most of the time.
WONDER OF THE WORLD : The huge statue that overlooks Rio De Janeiro " Christ the Redeemer is a modern Wonder of the World.
 POSTCROSSING: There are over 7,200 Postcrossing members in Brazil.