Saturday, 27 May 2017


 Thank you Habib for this swap card and another flags of the world card for my collection..
Posted Algeria.21 March : Arrived Sydney 24 May: Traveled 63 days. Chocoran..

Greetings from ALGERIA.:
ALGERIA  : covers an area of some 2,381,741KM2.
POPULATION. of Algeria is 40,400,000 inhabitants
LOCATION of Algeria is in North Africa.
CAPITAL CITY  of Algeria is Algiers.
UNIQUE to Algeria is that it is Africa's largest country with over 80% covered by the Sahara Desert and only 12% of the country is inhabited.
ALGERIA is known as Petroleum and Gas country. and is 98% of Algeria's exports
FAMOUS. Albert Camus The French philosopher was born in Algeria..Nobel Prize in literature.
                    Claude Cohen-Tannouji French Phycisist born in Algeria. Nobel Prize in Physics.
HISTORY : Imazighen since 4,000 BC the indigenous peoples of northern Africa (Imazighen aka. Berbers) successfully resisted Phoenicians, Romans , Vandals , Byzantine , Arab , Turkish and French invaders.
INDEPENDENCE. Day was July 5th 1962 from the French.

Friday, 26 May 2017


 Roztocze : POLAND :

I love to receive cards of dogs maybe because I like them so much..and being a real animal lover..This card shows I think it is a Bull Terrier ..a nice card Thank you so much Andrzej..and also the nice stamps.
 Posted 18 March: Arrived Sydney25 May : Traveled a whopping 58 days !!!



A shaped card has arrived from Riek from Holland also is a "PIF" card #11 Thank you Riek for this card would be nice to visit Keukenhogf for the tulip festival..
 Posted 17 May Arrived Sydney 23 May : Traveled 6 days..Thank you Riek..

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

United States of America

Another really nice National Park card from The USA.. Thank you so much Shelley for getting a card for me from each of these five National Parks that you have just recently visited...would love to see all these myself one day..

Located in South eastern California The Joshua Tree National Park was declared a US National Park in 1944 when the US congress passed The Californian Desert Protection act. (public law 103-433) as it had been previously been a US national Monument since 1936. It is named for The Joshua Trees native to the park.The park is larger than the state of Rhode Island.
(  information courtesy of Wikipedia.)


Dar es Salaam.: TANZANIA.:

A great card showing this Cape Buffalo in The Ruaha National Park..looking very ominous for the photographer..A great card for my wildlife series of cards.. Thank you so much Abbas for this great swap card and nice stamps.
 Posted Dar es Salaam.: 08 May : Arrived Sydney 22 May : Traveled 14 days..thanks again for this card.

United States of America

California / Utah :  USA.
Zabriskie Point : Death Valley National Park straddles the borders of California and Utah states located east of the Sierra Nevada and occupies an interface zone between the arid Great Basin and the Mohave Desert in the United States . The National Park protect the north east corner of The Mohave Desert and contains a diverse desert environment of salt flats, sand dunes, valleys, badlands, canyons and mountains and is the Largest National Park in the lower 48 states and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve . Approximate 91% bis declared a wilderness area and is the hottest, driest, and lowest National Park in the United States.

Thank you Shelley for thinking of me on your trip through so many of these amazing National Parks recently. Posted April 27 :


Lille.: FRANCE.:

This card makes me hungry...Thank you Birgit know what I like ..Thanks for remembering me on your latest trip through France..lovely card with many love items to eat and drink .So say the beer is good also...must do it...thanks again Vierlen danke Birgit..