Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Warsaw: POLAND.:

Thank you Chris for this card showing your city of Warsaw..A great aerial photo of this great and famous city...Thank you for keeping in touch.. watch your mailbox.. Thanks again..
 Posted Warsaw. : 28 August : Arrived Sydney : 20 September : Traveled 23 days..



A most welcomed card from a friend visiting Croatia and another country " Icon" card for my collection. Thank you Andrea for swapping this for much great information on these cards..
Posted Croatia : 30 August : Arrived Sydney 20 September : Traveled 21 days..



An interesting card arrived for China showing all the various post office stamps and markings of the world.. Thank you for this swap..
Posted China 28 August : Arrived Sydney 14 September : Traveled 17 days.  Xie Xie..

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Cairns, FNQ Far North Queensland .  AUSTRALIA:

Thank you Barry for taking time out from your holiday to Far North Queensland and enjoying you vacation on the Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rain Forrest. so good there isn't it.!!. I also took this train to Kuranda through the rain forrest ...loved all the the tropics..Thanks Baz..
Posted Cairns :13 September : Arrived Sydney 18 September : Traveled 5 days..

United States of America

New York City ..NY ..USA.

A surprise card from my mate Mel...what!!!  off on another cruise !!! This time New York and northern states and Canada...lucky you...Thank you for thinking of me and for this card from your visit to The New York that was good...and yes ..The original "Winnie the Pooh "...
Posted New York :08 September : Arrived  Sydney :18 September : Traveled 10 days...Thanks Mel..



These are the latest :"First Day " release in Port Albert Victoria. of shipwrecks on the Australian coast .
TOP LEFT : The "Zuytdorp" off Western Australia 1712.
BOTTOM LEFT : The OS "Clonmel" off Victorian Coast 1841
BOTTOM RIGHT  : The wrecking of the HMS " Pandora " off Queensland in 1791



This is the latest first day of release from Australia Post. "Maxi Card"  various scenes of Heard Island in the Southern Ocean.

 TOP LEFT :Kerguelen cabbage & lichen Heard Is.  TOP RIGHT: King Penguins Atlas Cove .

BOTTOM LEFT :Southern Elephant seals Heard Is. BOTTOM RIGHT :Baudissin Glacier Edge.