Saturday, 25 March 2017

United States of America

Houston : TEXAS.:

A lovely coloured card showing the view into this amazing National Park that is The Arches National Park in Utah  USA..This would be a wonderful place to visit I agree Arnold.. Thank you so much for this card..
The Courthouse Towers Arches National Park UTAH.
The formations in The Courthouse Towers area are remnants of a large "mesa" which was eroded away by a stream , as canyons were cut into the landscape resistant masses of  Entrada sandstone were isolated. The large sandstone monoliths gradually eroded into separate strangely cut out shapes. The windows section can be seen rising in the distance..
Posted Houston 10 March : arrived Sydney 24 March Traveled 14 days

Czech Republic


Thank you Peter for this card showing your city of Pisek in The Czech Republic...and what a beautiful aerial view it is.! A lovely Postcrossing  card . Thank you for this card.
Posted 02 February : Arrive Sydney : 25 March : Traveled 16,119 kilometers in 50 days.


Saigon : VIETNAM :

Thank you for this card Trang.. you know nothing surprises me with what is carried on a motor cycle or a regular bicycle in the city there..Really quite amazing and very skillful what is carried..from TV,s to huge furniture and refrigerators...amazing..Thank you Trang for this amazing card ...Cam on.
.Posted Saigon :07 March: Arrived Sydney 24 march : Traveled 17 days...


Ekaterin burg: RUSSIA.

Another surprise is this card from a friend from Siberia...Thank you so much Natalya for this lovely card and also the wonderful stampset that you have attatched...really nice one!! So it is still snowing and has been so hot here..Enjoy your trip to Paris..Thanks again my dear Natalya for thinking of me..
Posted Ekaterinburg date on cancellation !!!


Valetta : MALTA.:

A lovely colourful card from a good friend currently travelling in Malta.. Thank you so much Angie for remembering me while you were there.. Certainly a great place to visit..The card shows the many small yachts on the Harbour in Valetta with the sandstone city behind..... I really enjoyed my time there also
Posted 07 March : Arrived Sydney24 March : Traveled 17 days.



This card has just arrived and is an "Easy to Learn Chinese" card.. I guess this must be a series of cards as this has all information about Australia...also was unsigned...Thank you anyway..Xie Xie..
Posted Taiwan 11 March : Arrived Sydney 24 March : Traveled 7,181 kilometers. in 13 days.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017



I really like these Australian wild life cards. This card features The Common Brush Tailed Possum. ( Tricosurus Vulpecular ) from the Greek for "Furry Tailed" and the Latin for"little fox" previous in the Genus Philangista is a nocturnal semi-aboreal  marsupial.This Possum is native to Australia and is the second largest of the Possums. and can be found allover Australia mainly along coastal regions also many Islands.