Saturday, 18 February 2017


Guernsey Channel Islands..

Another lovely card...what a great scene and there is always something about the sea that is always so enjoyable for me..This tranquil scene shows The Victoria Marina and the Town Church built in 1425 and next door to the pub.!!and the closest pub to a church in the British Isles.. Thank you so much Denise for this fine card and is not often I receive a card from the Channel Islands.Also a great Year of The Rooster stamp.
Posted Guernsey:07 February : Arrived Sydney 16 February : Traveled 17,253 kilometers in 9 days..


Porto.: PORTUGAL.:

What a lovely colourful card..and amazing stamp The card shows the tower in Santa Cruz by the sea...and the stamp depicts the huge canning industry , so much a part of Portguese export industry..Thank you so much Bruna for this very thoughtful card.. I really like it...Abrigado..
 Posted Porto 04 February : Arrived Sydney 16 February: Traveled 18,178 kilometers in 12 days.



A great map card showing the world..also I like is the little cut out Aeroplane denoting airmail..This is a really lovely card even shows all the various states.. Thank you Florian for sending such a nice card from lovely Singapore where the food is a must..and is definately a crossroads in Asia..
Posted Singapore 03 February :P Arrived Sydney: 15 February : Traveled 6,298 kilometers in 12 days.



A welcome card from a Postcrosser in Ireland...showing the way to The Guiness Brewery.. I have been there for a visit and the tasting was grand.. Thank you so much Elen for this card and sorry that it is raining all the time and is also cold.. maybe better than the heatwave we have been having ..they say it will be the norm soon....!!!
 Posted Dublin:  02 February : Arrived Sydney 15 February : Traveled 17,214 kilometers in 13 days..

Monday, 13 February 2017



 I must say I do love trains and train cards.. This card is from a fellow postcrosser from Germany with this card showing the old train which is now a Museum train..The card shows two views, one of 1986 before restoration when it was in East Germany and then after unification in 1999 after its restoration...Thank you so much Sigrid for this fine card...Vierlen Danke..looks like a fun train ride..
 Posted Germany 05 February.Arrived Sydney 14 February : traveled 16, 541 kilometers in 9 days.



What a vivid card showing these herd of Zebras drinking togeather and to think none have the same stripe pattern as a fingerprint..amazing and such lovely animals.. Thank you Mia for this card..
 Posted Java.:01 February 2017: Arrived Sydney 10 February : Traveled 9 days..Terima Kasih.. Mia.


Another of the lovely maxi cards that arrived with others of the Chinese New Year series.. released by the Indonesian Postal Service celebrating The 2017 Chinese New Year ..The Year of The Rooster..such colourful cards and stamps Thank you so much Tiiti for these lovely lot of stamps and cards that you have kindly sent me..and for waiting in line to get them kind..
 Posted Java :22 January : Arrived Sydney 10 February : Traveled 19 days.. Terima Kasih Titi..