Friday, 21 April 2017


Brisbane Australia.:
Thank you for thinking of me with this card posted from Brisbane while on your cruise..The ship looks magnificent and trust that your voyage was all you hoped for..Thank you Heather.



A most welcomed card from India showing thios lovely colourful bird "The Western Tragopan" found in the area of Himachal Pradesh  mountain forrests . Thank you Kamran for this nice  PIF card.
Posted India :27 March: Arrived Sydney 20 April.: Traveled 24 days...Thank you Kamran.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


 I really didn't know what country to put this under as there were four participants in four different countries to make this card possible...So, as it started here with me and ends here I have decided to put it under Australia.Thank you ..Fiona in Malaysia , Ivica in Croatia , and Rob in Canada..great work guys and check out the stamps..the best chain card yet !
 Arrived back in Australia after more than two months traveling..

Wednesday, 19 April 2017



I have just received another '
"Country Icon" card ...I really like these cards..This one is from Poland showing the many icons of the country and a lot being food...Thank you so much Olga for this swap.and the so many lovely stamps. hugs for you
 Posted Poland : 06 April:  Arrived Sydney 19 April : Traveled 13 days.



This is my third PIF card and is a most welcome multi- view coloured card from a friend in Luxembourg and is a card showing various scenes of the 'Bock Casemates" This  is a Unesco site heritage ..built to protect the city and its underground in 1334... Thank you so much Anne for this thoughtful postcard..
  Posted Luxembourg 11 April : Arrived Sydney 20 April : Traveled 9 days..


Tiblisi : GEORGIA.:

A very different look  with this card from and aerial view of these bathers and beach goers on this beach in the black sea ..This beach The Kvariati beach as can be seen is an extremely popullar spot for locals and visitors alike..Thank you Khaty for this card and also the many fine colourful stamps..
Posted :Tibilisi : !!!. Arrived Sydney 20 April.. Thank you so much Khaty..


Perm : RUSSIA.:

A different card just arrived from a young Post crosser from Russia and is a cute cut out card that was a souvenir from the zoo that she visited..Thank you very much Alice for this thoughtful card.
Posted Perm :30 March : Arrived Sydney 19 April : Traveled 20 days.